AndHeGames is about:

Giving people an unintimidating, fun way to create and spend time with family with no screen involved. Helping parents foster a culture of creativity in their families. Sharing the fun of creativity with those who believe they aren't creative.

We are:

+ Quirky. We aren't boring or boilerplate in anything that we do.

+ Human. We make exceptions. We talk in real english. We don't cite policy. We expect the best in people. We assume that everyone's intentions are good. We treat people like the precious, unique creations they are.

+ Generous. We donate products. We surprise fans with free stuff. When we make a mistake, we make good the mistake, and then some. If we have the opportunity to give something away, we do. We involve Kickstarter backers in creating the last 5% of the products we create.

Generosity with digital stuff: We allow anyone to share any digital product, and we encourage it. It costs us nothing, and long-term, it's good for the business. "If you know someone who might love this, share it."

+ Remarkable. We make things that push edges. We move game design forward. We take risks.


My next project: ExSpelled

This is a private page set up for my next Kickstarter project, a DIY Adventure Game.

Campaign dates:

July 1 - July 31, 2016

Cover Mock up:

Intro to ExSpelled:

You didn't get picked by the Ivy League magic schools, so you're going to have to go to Whimberley College. It's located in the middle of a Mana desert.

Unlike more prestigious institutions of learning, Whimberley does not send out talking envelopes or special invitations to the best and the brightest. If we’re being totally honest, Whimberley will take whoever they can get. Oh, they have an entrance exam, but it’s not possible to fail it. In fact, the paper you take the test on will magically re-write your answers. Whimberley does not have a long line of Wealthy Wizards sending them gobs of money - they’re desperate for students.

I’m sure that they let you in on your own merits, though!

Whimberley is housed in a giant, hulking, concrete structure in the middle of a mana desert. And they make you wear robes.

Flying broomsticks around like gleeful little pixies is out of the question – it's much too hot for any such athletics. They only feature of the Whimberley College building that is reasonably good is the fact that it's been half buried by sand, so the bottom half of the building cools down to glacial temperatures at night, and stays entirely too cold for most of the day. As you travel from class to class, you're over warm, sweating and dehydrated for one class, then as you descend to the lower half of the building for your next class, you experience perfect bliss as the icy cold air hits your sweat-drowned skin, but in 4 seconds you're uncomfortably cold. The headmaster's office is situated - no surprise - on the entire 7th floor of a 13 floor building. It's the only floor that keeps a wonderfully even temperature, and no one is allowed in.

The wands at Whimberley are cheap copies of high-end-wands produced in Indonesia. They have slightly less-than-magical cores, like leftover spaghetti, possem tail, troll ear hair, and lesser Indonesian snake skin. They're made from less-than-magical materials, like press board, polyurethane, thin cardboard, reclaimed wood, and plastic.

The teachers are a ragtag group of instructors who were either rejected or dismissed in disgrace from the higher echelons of learning institutions, were criminally negligent with their previous teaching experience, or are actually criminals.

About the book:

It's a paper craft co-op adventure where you make decisions that affect the story. It's got paper craft wands that you use for some of the mini games.

It's got two completely different endings, and it's stuffed with creative crazy stuff happening to your characters.


As much as we can, we start with why. We seek to make stuff not for people who need what we make, but for people who believe what we believe about creativity and family.

We try to develop long-term relationships with journalists.

We make products that have a unique "hook", which is exciting and different than anything else available. We work hard to communicate what makes them different and exciting.

We ask our fans to share our projects with people who might love them.

We take really good care of the people who already love our products, knowing that excited people share what they're excited about.