Expelled is coming!

Expelled is coming to Kickstarter November 1st.

Let's make some MAGIC! 


What be this?

It's a DIY Adventure Game, like The Cloud Dungeon, it's a story about attending a magic school, complete with dangerous random magical effects and paper craft wands.

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I'm so excited to be launching a new game! Any questions? Feel free to comment below, and I'll answer them.

The Biggie Pack - A character pack that you can help grow!

Pre-orders make this character pack grow bigger!


Hey, if there are two things I like, it's 1. Monsters, and 2. Drawing them. I'm launching a monstrous character pack, with a pre-order price of $5. But each pre-order contributes to making this pack BIGGER with more characters, costumes, and awesomeness for everyone, and (of course) the price stays at just $5 no matter how big the pack gets.

Also, I have a special bundle where you can get a copy of the Cloud Dungeon with the pack, if you need a copy. The specials, the pre-order price, and the growth of the pack will only last until September 16, so check it out today:

The source of endless creativity.

I don't know if you know this, but I publish stories about my life over at AndHeDrew.com. I thought I'd link to this post about creativity, because I thought you might enjoy it. It tells about how I learned that creativity CAN be turned on reliably, no problem. All you need is panic. In this story, my panic was caused by a scary teacher breathing down my neck. Yipes!

The Book of Coloring is funded, pre-orders are available.

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The Great Cloud Dungeon Giveaway Winners!

Thank you so much for sharing about The Book of Coloring!
Below are the winners of the prizes. I will be contacting the winners in the next couple of days to get them their rewards. Thank you!

4 winners: Print and play and play and play

+ The Cloud Dungeon Print-and-play


Eduardo Olvera
Carrie Whittemore
Jarrod Bridgeman
Jason Duncan

3 winners: Print and Play+more!

+ The Cloud Dungeon Print-and-play

+ Jared's Character Pack

+ Goblins and Robots Character Pack

+ Backer's Choice Character Pack

+Exclusive Character (see below)


Melissa Hastings
Derek Moyes
Alexandra Costa

2 winners: The book + mega pack!

+ 1 Cloud Dungeon book

+ The Cloud Dungeon Print-and-play

+ Jared's Character Pack

+ Goblins and Robots Character Pack

+ Backer's Choice Character Pack


Brian Foster
❝Bʟᴏᴏᴅ Mᴏᴏɴ❞

1 winner: The Cloud Dungeon "Kitchen Sink" pack!

+ 2 Cloud Dungeon books (U.S. Only)

+ The Cloud Dungeon Print-and-play

+ Jared's Character Pack

+ Jared's Ghostly Mega Pack

+ Goblins and Robots Character Pack

+ Backer's Choice Character Pack

+ Red Blues MP3 Download

The big winner:

Jason Real


I'll be contacting you very soon. Thank you for sharing! T-minus 10 days until The Book of Coloring hits Kickstarter!



Free coloring sheet: A canvas for creativity.

One of the best things about making The Cloud Dungeon is seeing how players bring their own style of creativity to transform the raw material I give them into true works of art. I scribbled away at this coloring sheet for hours, but I consider my drawing to be only the first step: this canvas I've made really only comes alive when filled with color. That's where you come in. You can give this to your children, work on it together, or print out sheets for everyone in the room. No matter how many people you give it to, each person will create their own unique, personal work of creativity. Be sure to share it with me when you're done. :-)


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Jason Rohrer's story: how to get off the rails and do what you want with your life.

(This is an interview I did years ago, for another – now unavailable – set of interviews called "The Weirdness Studies", where I interviewed people doing weird and fantastic things. I really loved listening to Jason's story, so I got his permission to share it with you. This was a conversation, and has been edited for clarity. –A)  

So, how did you choose your weird career?


Right, right, so basically you want to know how I got off the rails? I went to college for computer science. When I was in school, there was no such thing as studying video games or game design. There was a big video game industry, but there was no mention of it...

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How the Bamboozle Brothers make games

How the Bamboozle Brothers make games

Tell us about yourself - Who are you? What do you do?

Sen: My name is Sen-Foong Lim. I’m a forty-two year old father of 2 husband of 1 mother of none. I’m a Scorpio by the regular Zodiac and a Rat by the Chinese Zodiac, meaning that I’m small and have a tail. I am a mild-mannered Occupational Therapist and college professor by day and a crime-busting caped game designer by night. I sleep about 4 hours a night, accordingly. That might explain why I’m so short. I’m also one of the co-hosts for the Meeple Syrup Show, the weekly vidcast where Designers Discuss Design.

Jay: Hey there! I’m Jay. I’m the taller version of Sen, but without kids. I work in video production as a day job thingy and I also teach game design at the Vancouver Film School as a night job thingy. The rest of my time is spent designing games!

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